McAfee Virus Removal Tools

If your PC is infected with one of the viruses listed below, you can use McAfee's FREE tools to remove it from your system and help repair the damage done.

Virus Name Removal Tool
Sasser McAfee Stinger
Bagle McAfee Stinger
Zafi McAfee Stinger
Mydoom McAfee Stinger
Lovsan/Blaster McAfee Stinger
Klez Klez Removal Tool
Bugbear Bugbear Removal Tool

Is Your PC Infected? Don’t Worry, We’ll Fix It!

If your computer’s infected and you don’t want to hassle with it, have an expert help you! With McAfee's Virus Removal Service, one of our security experts can connect remotely to your PC, and work with you personally to destroy malware and get you back online quickly. McAfee's Virus Removal Services Only £59.99 (GBP)