McAfee Installation UK

Mcafee Activate and Installation on Device

Before you begin

Check for other security applications. If you have other security software installed on your computer, remove them using the instructions provided by their product manufacturer. Removing these security application is necessary to prevent application conflicts and degraded performance.

Check for older versions of McAfee Security Applications

If you have an older McAfee product on your computer that is identical to the product on your CD, you can leave the application installed. The installer for the new programs will check the installed version. If the versions are identical, the installer will skip the installation and allow you to extend your subscription.

If the version of your McAfee security suite is not identical to the product from your retail box, remove the current products using the instructions in TS101331 before you install the new version from the CD.

If you want to Activate your McAfee Product then click below button.

Determine which installation method to use

Use the following information to determine which installation method suits your needs:

Web installation (Recommended)

Installing your McAfee Security product online is the best method to use under the following conditions:
  • Your computer does not have a CD drive
  • Your Internet connection is fast
  • You are installing a multi-computer license on a second computer

CD installation

Installing your McAfee Security product from a CD is the best method to use if your computer has a CD drive, but has a slow Internet connection. This avoids a long download time.

NOTE: To ensure that your computer is fully protected, you must connect to the Internet to download updates after the installation completes.